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Our adventures

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Sunday, 30 march 2014
joe fm - 99 luftballons The Belgian radio JOE fm celebrates its 5th anniversary and they wanted to do that in a very special way: they would try to bring the song "99 Luftballons" (in English: 99 Red Balloons) from Nena to life. In Eeklo actually 107 balloons came together: never before that many balloons took off at the same time in Belgium. Our team was there with two of our balloons: the Big Wasp, and our Funny Bunny that was definitely one of the eye-catchers.

For the time of the year weather was very good: stable and very calm. Visibility was a bit less but the many visitors sure enjoyed the spectacular view. Several hundreds of them were winners of the contest on the radio where they could win a balloonflight for 2. Both our balloons made a flight of about an hour, and landed gently in Sint-Laureins.

Balloons are inflated Our Funny Bunny and the clown 'Mauriske' "Funny Bunny" taking off The launchfield, seen from Funny Bunny The launchfield, seen from Funny Bunny
Funny Bunny and the upside-down Festo balloon The passengers of Funny Bunny +99 Hot air balloons Landing in Sint-Laureins Landed in Sint-Laureins

Thursday, 26 june 2014
It was the first time our Bunny visited Turnhout. We took off from the citypark and made a very gentle flight passing Vosselaar and landing in Beerse. Over Vosselaar a maximimum height of 3,300 feet was reached. It took quite a while to find a decent landing spot. After a flight of one hour and a half we brought our passengers back to the ground, safe and happy.

Passenger Briefing On the launchfield in Turnhout On the launchfield in Turnhout Ready for take-off Take-off in Turnhout
Turnhout - Citypark The passengers of Funny Bunny Vosselaar Landing in Beerse Landing in Beerse

Thursday, 3 july 2014
Rather strong winds made us cover a large distance today: almost 30 km. Our bunny took off in Herentals and south-west winds directed it to the Dutch border. In Lichtaart we had a nice view on the attractions of Bobbejaanland. We flew over Kasterlee, Retie and Dessel, and reached the woods of Postel. In this area there are very few possibilities to land, so it took a long time to find a spot where we could land the balloon. After a flight of more than one hour and a half, we landed on a road between the fields.

On the launchfield in Herentals On the launchfield in Herentals Funny Bunny, ready for take-off Taking off in Herentals Lichtaart - Bobbejaanland
Funny Bunny over the fields in Retie Funny Bunny over the fields in Retie Our passengers The Werbeekse Nete or Desselse Nete on the border between Retie and Dessel Postel - Lommelseweg - packing the balloon

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