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Our adventures

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Saturday, 23 july 2005
At the yearly balloonfestival in Olen, "Funny Bunny" was shown to the public for the very first time. During the inflation, the public was still unaware about what exactly was "special" about this balloon. At that time, there was nothing special to see, apart from two appendages on top. But when the balloon slowly rose up, the happy face appeared, and the crowd applaud. Our Funny Bunny wasn't allowed to fly yet: it needed some more "paperwork" and inspections... In the next weeks our bunny will make its maidenflight, and will participate at the balloon festivals in Breda (Holland) and Sint-Truiden (Belgium).

Later that evening there was a nightglow, where balloons stand in the dark, illuminated by the flame of their burner. Of course our new balloon was there too. Together with the pink elephant "Nelly B" and a few other balloons, "Funny Bunny" made the closing of the day unforgettable.

Thursday, 4 august 2005
Today our "Funny Bunny" made its maidenflight. Both our pilots, Guy and Bart, accompanied by 3 crewmembers, took off for a testpflight. Together with the VDV-balloon they made a flight from Herentals to Klein-Vorst. As expected, the balloon tends to rotate while climbing and descending, but using the "rotation-vents" on the sides the pilot can compensate this turning to manoeuvre the basket in the right direction.

Wednesday, 10 august 2005
This year the Breda Balloonfiesta celebrates its 20th anniversary. At this occasion a very special flight was planned: 100 balloons would colour the sky above the city of Breda (Holland). For our Funny Bunny this was the first flight across the border. Rather windy weather during the day caused a delayed start, but finally all balloons could take off from different places in the city. As number 100, our bunny took off short before sunset and landed safely in Bavel.

Saturday, 23 august 2005
Raf and Renild celebrated their 25th wedding-anniversary, and were given a special flight with our Funny Bunny. The whole day weather was dark and rainy, but in the evening it became very fine with even an exceptional good sight: Antwerp, Brussels, Doel, Tilburg (in Holland!)... were lying on our "feet". Together with our "big wasp" and the VDV-balloon we took off in Herentals. After a beautiful flight we landed on a small field in Zichem.

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