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Our adventures

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Sunday, 23 april 2006
The city of Herentals organised different attractions at several places to celebrate the opening of the tourist season. At the end of the day two of our balloons took off from the "Netepark": Funny Bunny and the Big Wasp. After a flight over Noorderwijk our Bunny finally found a landingspot in Herselt.

Sunday, 30 april 2006
Today we attended the Balloonhappening in Waregem. Together with some 50 other balloons we took off from the hippodrome. A gentle breeze brought us very close to the Willy Naessens Horse, which made it possible to make some very nice pictures. After a quiet flight we landed close to the border between Gottem and Machelen.

Thursday, 11 may 2006
Today the weather was very calm so we made a local passengerflight with our Funny Bunny. A lot of spectators enjoyed the view of our bunny taking off together with 2 other balloons in Westerlo. Just before sunset we landed on a grassfield in Meerhout.

Saturday, 17 june 2006
In Geel-Bel the annual balloonmeeting took place as part of the festivities of BelOTTOClassic. We were there too with 2 balloons: the Big Wasp and Funny Bunny. The Wasp took off as one of the first balloons and landed after about an hour in Vorst. Our Bunny took off as one of the last balloons, together with the biggest balloon in Belgium. After a flight of an hour and a half the balloon landed just after sunset in Veerle.

Friday, 23 june 2006
Our Bunny left Belgium on friday to attend a 3-day event in Gemert (NL). On the first day we made a calm flight with landing in Keldonk (NL).

Saturday, 24 june 2006
On saturday there were more balloons present at the festival in Gemert (NL) , so we had to wait longer before our bunny could take off. We went as last of the pack, and found a nice grassfield in Lieshout (NL) just after sunset.

Thursday, 29 june 2006
Our Bunny will appear in the series "Duizend zonnen en garnalen" of the Belgian television. A camera-team went to the centre of the city of Geel to find someone willing to take a ride in a hot-air-balloon. The lucky winner got a quiet ride from Geel to Zoerle-Parwijs.

Saturday, 1 july 2006
This weekend we took part in the annual balloonfestival in Zwijndrecht. During these two days we were allowed to take off from within the controlzone of Antwerp Airfield. Unfortunately the wind drove us away from the city of Antwerp, but nevertheless we made two beautiful flights with a nice view over the river Schelde and the city. The first day there was only a gentle breeze, so our Funny Bunny could take off as one of the first balloons. In the vicinity of Temse we started to look for a landingspot, which we found after short time in Velle.

Sunday, 2 july 2006
Strong winds on the second day at the festival in Zwijndrecht, expected to decrease around sunset. So it was rather late when the balloons could take off. Our Bunny landed at the border between Vrasene and Sint-Gillis-Waas.

Friday, 21 july 2006
Right behind our back-yard the 10th edition of the balloonfestival of Olen took place. The weather was fine during all 3 days. On the first day there were a lot of spectators. With a speed of about 20 km/h the balloons drifted to the south. Our bunny landed in Begijnendijk.

Saturday, 22 july 2006
On the second day in Olen an approaching thunderstorm was announced, so most of the balloons took off sooner than usual. Our Bunny would have been able to make only a very short flight, so we decided to stay on the ground with a couple of other balloons.

Sunday, 23 july 2006
On the last day of the festival in Olen our Funny Bunny took off as one of the first ballons, because pilot Bart had to be back in time for the nightglow with a soccer shaped balloon. Together with some other balloons he landed on a field in Veerle.

Sunday, 6 august 2006
We were invited to participate in the ballonmeeting in Sint-Truiden, where every year some 20 balloons take off from the marketplace in the center of the city. Due to windy conditions we decided not to fly. Just before sunset the wind decreased so we could inflate our bunny for a static show.

Saturday 12 august till sunday 20 august 2006
Every year the balloonfestival of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu (Canada) invites 20 special shapes to participate in their event.  Bart’s site about special shape balloons (www.specialshapes.nu) was visited regularly by Marie-Claude of the organisation to keep her informed about new balloons. When she saw we had bought our own special shape she sent us an invitation to cross the ocean and visit Canada. Of course we couldn't refuse this unique offer and we accepted with pleasure.

The first days in Canada were too windy, so only few balloons were inflated. From the third day on the wind calmed and it was fantastic balloonweather. We made five flights and participated at the nightglow. A complete story with pictures can be seen at the special page about this adventure.

Sunday, 24 september 2006
Our Bunny took off in Averbode for a quiet flight, together with one of our other balloons, the Big Wasp. In Tongerlo a lot of people came running out their houses to see the landing of our Bunny.


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