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Our adventures

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Sunday, 18 february 2007
After a long wintersleep our bunny made its first flight of the year. In our "big wasp" a whole family celebrated a birthday, while in our Funny Bunny a young couple celebrated Valentine. It was a nice flight from Herentals to Zoerle-Parwijs (Westerlo).

Sunday, 8 april 2007
Easter: so it's time to bring out our bunny. Together with our big wasp we made a flight from Geel to Meerhout, where both balloons landed near each other.

Saturday, 2 june 2007
As a present for his Communion, Samuel made a flight in our Bunny. With a speed of 30 km/h it was a long flight from Millegem (Mol) to Scherpenheuvel.

Friday, 22 june 2007
At the balloonfestival in Gemert we had to wait until the rainshowers had passed. Finally the sun was there and all balloons where inflated for a beautiful flight. Our Bunny landed near Venhorst.

Saturday, 7 july 2007
Our Funny Bunny was invited to participate at the balloonfestival in Zwijndrecht. Only 8 balloons decided to take off. After a flight with a spectacular view over Antwerp our bunny landed softly in a garden in Boechout.

Wednesday, 11 july 2007
On the launchfield in Geel we had to wait a long time before the wind became calm enough. Finally our bunny could take off for a flight in the direction of Mol. On the airfield in Balen the crew picked our bunny out of the sky.

Saturday, 14 july 2007
Today our Bunny was a surprise for one of our passengers who didn't know about the flight untill half an hour before take off. We took off from the festivalfield in Olen where next week the yearly balloonfestival will take place. We flew over Tongerlo, Westerlo and Blauberg and finally found a nice field in Herselt.

Friday, 20 july 2007
The first day of the festival in Olen. During the day it was cloudy, but in the evening the sky cleared and the weather was perfect for ballooning. After a nice flight we landed in Kasterlee.

Saturday, 21 july 2007
The second day of the meeting in Olen. Beautiful weather during the day, but in the evening some rain was expected. After 8 balloons took off, the rest was grounded.

Sunday, 22 july 2007
Perfect weather for balloons on the third day of the meeting in Olen. Our "wasp"-balloon took off in the middle of the pack and landed in Geel. Our Funny Bunny took off with the last ones and landed in Geel - Zammel.

Saturday, 4 august 2007
Today a perfect summerevening. Both our balloons took off in Geel for a flight to Kasterlee.

Saturday, 18 august 2007
Our Funny Bunny went to Holland for the parkfestival in Mill. After crossing the river Maas, the balloon was landed softly on a field in Overasselt. As usual the crew was there to assist with the landing.

Friday, 24 august 2007
Funny Bunny went to Holland again, this time to attend the meeting in Barneveld. Not all balloons could take off due to bad weather. We decided to stay on the ground and participate in the nightglow.We played a while with the burner and let the children climb in the basket.

Saturday, 25 august 2007
In Barneveld (Holland) we made a beautiful morningflight. At 600 meter we had a splendid view above the morning fog. In Harskamp we landed the balloon on a grassfield.

In the evening in Barneveld the special shapes took off after the normal balloons. Our bunny landed in Kootwijkerbroek.

Sunday, 7 october 2007
Our Funny Bunny made a local passengerflight together with our wasp-balloon. From our launchfield in Geel both balloons gently drifted southward. Our Bunny landed on a grassfield in Zammel.

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