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Our adventures

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Saturday, 26 april 2008
Today we were at Waregem for the 10th balloonhappening. 60 hot air balloons took off from the hippodrome. After a beautiful flight we landed in Vinkt were our crew was waiting in the field.

Friday, 20 june 2008
This was the 3th year we were invited by the Rotaryclub to participate at their yearly balloonfestival in Gemert (NL). After the normal shaped balloons took off, the special shapes where inflated. Our Bunny landed on a grasfield in Westerbeek (NL).

Sunday, 20 july 2008

On the second day of the balloonmeeting in Olen the weather finally was good for a flight. After a flight of 1h20' our Bunny landed in Tessenderlo. In the evening we also participated at the nightglow.

Saturday, 26 july 2008
Funny Bunny was present at the balloonmeeting in Eeklo, the biggest one in Belgium with approximately 80-100 balloons. While there were thunderstorms on the other side of Belgium we had splendid sunny weather. After a flight of 1 hour our bunny landed in Lovendegem.

Sunday, 27 july 2008
Today again thunderstorms in the east of our country. In Eeklo we were again with some 80 balloons. A calm wind brought us to Ursel where we landed softly.

Friday, 8 august 2008
Funny Bunny made a visit to the Netherlands and was present at the Breda Balloon Fiesta. Due to heavy wind only the normal shapes made a flight. But after sunset some balloons where inflated, our bunny was one of them.

Friday, 15 august 2008
In Heusden-Zolder for the first time the Kids Balloon Festival took place, a 3-day event. The first day we needed a lot of time to find a good landing site, but finally we found a field of grass in Genk.

Saturday, 16 august 2008
On the second day at the Kids Balloon festival in Heusden-Zolder our Bunny made a long flight and landed in Tessenderlo. The 3th day the weather was too windy so no balloons took off.

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