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Our adventures

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Sunday, 26 april 2009
Just like last year, the first appearance of our bunny was at the ballonmeeting in Waregem. We were lucky with the weather, because it rained in the eastern part of Belgium, while it was dry and calm in the west. Some 60 balloons took off at the famous hippodrome, and slowly drifted to the south-east. After a nice flight most balloons landed in the vicinity of Wortegem.

Tuesday, 16 june 2009
Today we had a passengerflight with our Funny Bunny. We started our flight in Lommel so that we could fly over our passengers house in Kattenbos. After a flight of about one hour and a half we landed on a small field in Eksel.

Wednesday, 17 june 2009
On the first day of the Countus balloonspectacle in Zwolle the wind was strong and in the air we had a speed of almost 50 km/h. Nevertheless the landing in Meppel was smooth.

Thursday, 18 june 2009
Less wind then yesterday in Zwolle, but still the crew had to work hard to get the balloon inflated. Passing Herfte and the Marshoek we made a flight to Dalfsen where we landed on a grassfield.

Thursday, 25 june 2009
A warm day, and just like the previous days strong winds. Our Bunny made a trip of about 30 km, taking off from Retie. Along the Graspop music festival in Dessel we floated via Geel-Ten Aard and Sint-Jozef-Olen to Herentals, then Noorderwijk, Herenthout, Wiekevorst and Itegem, where we landed gently on a large grass field.

Saturday, 11 july 2009
No balloonflight today. Our Funny Bunny took part in the candle light on the beach of Knokke-Heist, which was organised for the first time. At 23h a laser show started followed by a 20 minutes during "candle-light" with 9 balloons of which 5 special shapes.

Foto: Jean-Francois VercruysseFoto: Jean-Francois Vercruysse

Saturday, 18 july 2009
At the yearly balloon festival in our hometown Olen we couldn’t make one flight due to too strong winds. On saturday evening the wind decreased after sunset and 7 balloons made a great nightglow.

Foto: Jean-Francois VercruysseFoto: Jean-Francois Vercruysse

Saturday, 25 july 2009
Our bunny attended the annual balloonmeeting in Eeklo, where about 60 balloons took off under a bright sun and clear sky. For the pilots there was also a "hare and hounds" competition. The hare-balloon takes off 5 minutes before the hound-balloons, and puts a white cross on the ground where he lands. The pilots of the hound-balloons attempt to drop a marker as close as possible to this cross. Bart was able to manoeuvre Funny Bunny right above the cross. After a flight of about an hour, the balloon was landed softly in Waarschoot.

Sunday, 26 july 2009
The second day at the balloonfestival in Eeklo brought soft and very variable winds. Due to a seabreeze the winddirection at different levels was completely different. We were able to manoeuvre the balloon several times again over to the launchfield. After a flight of 1h10 the balloon was landed at only 850 m from take-off. Nevertheless we covered a total distance of 11 km.

Sunday, 2 august 2009
Our bunny attended the 14th edition of the balloonfestival in Sint-Truiden, where 12 balloons took off from the market place. To entertain the public also 3 special shapes were set up for a static show of about an hour: our Funny Bunny, a pink elephant and a turtle.

Thursday, 13 august 2009
Funny Bunny and our Big Wasp took off together in Herentals. A lot more wind than forecasted: the total distance of our flight was about 30 km. The flight went over Olen, Oevel, Geel and Laakdal (Veerle) to Tessenderlo. In Engsbergen our Bunny made a soft landing.

Saturday, 15 august 2009
Our bunny was invited to the first edition of the ballonmeeting in Aalst. At first the wind brought the balloon to the north to Hofstade and Gijzegem, then shifting completely to south-east. Via Herdersem and Wieze our Funny Bunny landed in Moorsel.


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