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Our adventures

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Saturday, 3 april 2010
Our Funny Bunny traveled to Trim in Ireland where he spended the Easter weekend. Unfortunately there was too much fog to fly in the morning but we inflated our balloon. The evening flight was canceled because of too much wind.

Sunday, 4 april 2010
On Easter morning the visibility in Trim (Ireland) was better but still too windy to safely take off. Obviously our bunny could not be missed on this day. With the help of some other balloonpilots we inflated and showed our balloon with Trim castle on the background. For the eveningflight there was too much wind.

Saturday, 1 may 2010
After each flight we write down the name of the landowner of the landing site. Each year we draw some names of them to join us in a balloonflight on "landowner-ballooningday". This time this event took place together with the celebration of 800 years city of Hoogstraten, where 17 balloons took off from the local soccer fields. In our Funny Bunny we had a landowner and his doughter and the mayor of Hoogstraten who had the opportunity to see his city from above. It was a very calm flight and most balloons landed in the vicinity of Merksplas.

Sunday, 16 may 2010
The weather forecast for today was very different according to the authority contacted. Belgian meteorology services predicted too much wind, but their Dutch and American colleagues forecasted perfect weather for a balloonflight, with a calm wind at landing time. And as expected, the latter forecasts were right.

Our bunny took off on a field next to the house of the passengers in Westmalle. They had a flight of nearly one hour and a half, which brought them passing Vlimmeren, Wechelderzande, Lille, Gierle, Tielen and finally Lichtaart. The crew was heading foreward to the landing spot at the recreation area "Noahs Ark", where the balloon landed with a speed of barely 3 km/h...

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