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About Funny Bunny

During many years our pilot Bart was fascinated by the so called "special shape balloons". He is known all over the world for his website dedicated to special shape balloons: "Bart's Special Shape Collection". What started as a dream - having his own special shape - became true in the summer of 2005.

Funny Bunny was presented to the public at the yearly balloonmeeting in Olen (Belgium) on 23 july 2005. Follow the adventures of our funny bunny at the "adventures" pages

Technical specifications of Funny Bunny

From march till july 2005 Funny Bunny was made by Cameron Balloons in England. The balloon is a Z-120 type with appendages. Mid july the balloon was registered in Belgium as OO-BXV. With a volume of 120,000 cubic feet our bunny is capable of carrying pilot + 4 passengers.

From idea to design

Running a ballooning company named "Rabbits Ballooning", it seams quite obvious to choose for a balloon with a rabbit-shape. Nevertheless, it took several years until the final design.

In september 2001 a first design was made by Cameron Balloons in Bristol (UK), the biggest balloon constructor in the world. The result was a brown rabbit. We liked the overall design, but the brown colour made it look rather sad (and made of chocolate?). So a second design was made in a different colour. We liked the pink of the "Nelly B" balloon in the shape of an elephant, so we decided to try that colour. After the design was made, we decided to wait with the order, and buy a 6-person passengerballoon instead, our "big wasp".

Two years later, in september 2003, when we looked at the designs again, we decided to make some more modifications. A third design showed other cheeks, a smaller nose and a tongue. The result was a "happier" rabbit. Some more months later we tried another colour. Because our other balloons are yellow/black, we choose for yellow. And this became the fourth and final design.

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